Advantages and Disadvantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverter 2020

When it comes to choosing an inverter, there are two main types to choose from. The first type of inverter is called the square wave or a modified sine wave inverter. The second kind of inverter is called the pure sine wave inverter.  This article will help you know about the major advantages and disadvantages of  Pure Sine Wave inverter so that you can make an informed choice. 

The main function of any kind of inverter is to change the DC form of electrical energy into the AC form. Although this may seem easy and straightforward, and you may think that no matter what kind of inverter you choose, you will get the same result. But the fact is, there is a lot of difference between both these types of inverters. There are multiple reasons why people choose Pure Sine wave inverters. 

The pure sine wave inverters are mostly required for a grid-tie system. In addition to it, it is also needed for all kinds of present-day TVs, LEDs, CFL lights, Cars, Trucks, Semi Trucks, and also brushless engines. If you want a power inverter that can work as a substitute for standard line control, going for a pure sine wave inverter is the perfect choice you can make. 

After knowing all these, let’s first get the basic information about the pure sine wave inverters.

What is a pure sine wave?

Going by technical information, the sine wave is named after a mathematical function or a mathematical curve. In terms of electronic detail, a pure sine wave inverter means that the output voltage is converted in the form of a sine wave. 

what is a pure sine wave inverter

This means that the voltage changes with the sinusoidal curve that has rounded peaks above or zero below voltage. The electric power rises and falls quite smoothly by providing a smooth turning phase angle. 

If you are looking to use various devices and appliances, the pure sine wave inverter can be the perfect choice for you. For all power-sensitive items like mobiles, laptops, stereos, laser printers, and several other electrical items, the pure sine wave inverters are the perfect choice to make. 

How does the pure sine wave inverter works?

When you want to use the pure sine wave inverter to power the electronic appliances in your home, you must know the working of the device. The inverter is not just used during power failures, outages, but it can be used outdoors. The inverter has power outlets through which you can connect the appliances. 

However, the appliance that you can connect depends on the ratings and load capacity the inverter can handle. After connecting and turning ON the inverter, it converts the DC current into AC current with which the appliances work. It also powers sensitive appliances and makes them work optimally. 

The circuit or device connected to the inverter will have an impact on the frequency, output voltage, power handling, and various other factors. It delivers a clean and consistent power that is required for the appliances to function without any interruption and surges, especially when you are connecting the devices off the grid. 

The operation of the inverter is based on three different stages. These include:

Oscillation stage

The inverter will generate pulses when it is passed through the IC circuit. The voltage that is generated will have a particular frequency. Both the negative and positive voltages will oscillate at a specific frequency. These weak signals are tough to supply power to the high current output transformers. You can improve the strength of the weak signals by setting up an amplifier. It improves the signals and allows the inverter to perform the task. 

Booster or amplifier stage

The voltage that is generated by the oscillator would be amplified using the amplifier and take the low current levels to the operating levels. The power that is amplified would be in the AC form. However, the voltage is supplied by the battery and is too low for the appliance to run. You can raise the voltage levels to make the appliance function optimally by amplifying the voltage levels. This increased voltage is passed to the secondary winding of the output transformer. 

Output transformer stage

The transformer will reduce the AC levels with the help of magnetic induction. The transformer acts as a power inverter, but the other way around. The lower AC power that is in the amplifier stage is passed to the secondary winding of the transformer that is in the output stage. The voltage is increased, and the inverters use this voltage to power up the AC appliances connected to it. 

Uses of Pure Sine Wave Inverter

The pure sine wave inverters are a good companion if you are looking for a power backup for camping trips, long drives, or just to spend a few hours away from the hustle-bustle of the city life. 

If you have planned an outdoor trip, but you don’t want to miss the fun and connection from the outside world, you need to have a power backup that can help you to charge appliances and equipment you use on your trip. Thus the pure sine wave inverter can be the best source of power if you want to charge your mobile phones, coffee maker. Or even your laptop on your long drive.

The pure sine wave inverters can be a savior for you if you stay in an area that is prone to storms or other natural calamities. Thus, in case of a power shortage, you can easily use the inverter to provide you with an emergency supply of electricity. The pure sine wave inverter can work as a good emergency power generator and can help you in keeping essential appliances like a fridge, mobile phones, and your house lightning in a working condition.

The pure sine wave inverter can be used to run a lot of appliances like the fridge, lighting system of your home, mobile phone charging, stereo, computers, laptops, iPads, and whatnot. Thus, as compared to other types of inverters, you can use the Pure sine wave inverter to use any equipment you want.

If there is a power cut in your location, and you want to use your microwave oven, you can’t use it with conventional inverters. In this case, the pure sine wave inverter can be your savior as the power output system of this inverter is similar to the one you get from your local power supplier. Thus, your microwave will generally work without any issues.

Using a pure sine wave inverter can enable you to convert your vehicle into a mobile home. Thus, you can use any equipment you want, even when you are not in your home. All common household products can work efficiently by using the power achieved from the pure sine wave inverter. 

You can use the pure sine wave inverters to run these devices:

  • Photocopiers, laser printers
  • Laptop computers
  • Refrigerators, TV sets, microwaves
  • Battery charges
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Sewing machines
  • Digital clocks
  • Medical equipment like oxygen concentrators 
  • Furnaces and pellet stoves 

Without further explanations, we are going to provide you information about the advantages as well as disadvantages of pure sine wave inverter and why you should purchase it:

So, let’s get started:

Advantages of Pure Sinewave Inverter

Provides a clean power:

Using a pure sine wave inverter will give you power that is smooth, sharp, and exactly like the pure AC. Thus, if you want to get power exactly as you get from the power stations, you must purchase the pure sine wave inverter. Since most of the appliances and devices that we use at our home for domestic purposes are designed to work on Pure AC power directly from the power stations, the Pure Sine wave inverters are the perfect fit. 

So, you don’t need to look further. Thus, if you look into the most significant advantage of the Pure sine wave inverter, you would find that it offers clean energy, and therefore, it is desirable. The energy received from these inverters is environmental, and it not only converts DC energy into AC energy but also prevents pollution. In addition to this, the form of energy also lasts longer and helps in saving your hard-earned money. 

Desirable power source

The output voltage offered by the pure sine wave inverter is in the form of a pure sine wave. Thus, it has low harmonic distortion and, thus, cleaner power. This is especially beneficial for utility-supplied electricity that can make your devices and appliances work smoothly. Due to the technological wave output, the inverter supplies enough energy to your devices, and thus, it makes it one of the most desirable power sources for all kinds of devices.

Better performance:

An inverter that uses pure sine waves can exert inductive loads for the appliances like microwave ovens. Due to this feature, the microwaves work efficiently, and they can cook faster. Thus, you can save additional energy, and you can also get your work done quickly. In addition to this, the motor of the inverter also works smoother and quieter as compared to other inverters. Thus, if you are looking to have a power backup for your microwave oven, you should think about purchasing a pure sine wave inverter. 

Extends the life span of devices:

Since the devices get an appropriate amount of wave output after using the pure sine wave inverter, your appliances and devices will stay cooler, and it will work efficiently. This kind of inverter also prevents your computers and laptops from crashes and glitches. Thus, for all those people who use laptops, computers, and digital devices, it is best to choose the pure sine wave inverter as it reduces any chance of machine malfunction. 

Less noisy:

A pure sine wave inverter can also help you to reduce noises in different equipment. So, if you have a noisy fan, audio amplifier, or fluorescent light that makes irritable noise, you can use this inverter as a power source. 

The performance of all equipment that makes noise can be optimized once it is connected to this inverter. The noise reduction is possible because the pure sine wave production in the inverter gives higher wattage to the equipment and that too without damaging it. So, give your noisy equipment a chance to stay silent by using the pure sine wave inverter in its functioning.

Work with a wide range of equipment:

One of the most significant advantages of the pure sine wave inverter is that it can work and get connected to any kind of equipment you can think of. Unlike the Modified sine wave inverter, the pure sine wave inverter won’t damage equipment like a laser printer, battery-powered devices, and stoves. 

Thus, if you are looking for an inverter that can work with almost all types of devices, you must think about getting a pure sine wave inverter. Using this kind of inverter will also improve the performance and efficiency of the devices and equipment you are using. 

The inverter gives you enough flexibility to use any devices you want if you have this inverter as your companion. Thus, having a pure sine wave inverter means that you don’t have to worry if your gadget can work with the power supplied by the inverter or not. Almost all makes and models of devices can work effectively by getting connected to the pure sine wave inverter. 

There are a few appliances that are designed only to work with sine waves, especially the microwaves and variable speed motors. The sine wave power will produce the full output that is required for the appliance to function properly. The medical equipment would also need a pure sine wave inverter. 

Attractive substitute:

When it comes to getting a power inverter, you can either get a modified sine wave inverter or a pure sine wave inverter. One of the most significant advantages of the pure sine wave inverter is that it works as an attractive substitute for modified wave inverters. The pure sine wave inverters provide better execution, better efficiency, and even better reliability. Thus, you can get a better deal when it comes to purchasing the pure sine wave inverter. 

Easy maintenance:

As compared to other forms of power suppliers like generators, the pure sine wave inverters don’t require much maintenance. All you need to do is to inspect your car batteries at regular intervals and make sure that they are in good condition. Other than this, you don’t have to think about the maintenance of this inverter. Generators, on the other hand, need periodic and strenuous maintenance like you need to change the oil after every 200 hours of usage. So, looking at the maintenance perspective, the pure sine wave inverters offer a better deal. 

Compact and lightweight:

As compared to generators and other emergency power sources, the Pure Sine wave inverters are compact and lightweight power generators. This feature makes it convenient to take it to any place you want. For people who are looking for an emergency power source when they are outdoor for camping or boating, the pure sine wave inverter can be a perfect choice. If you want the best portable power source for your devices and appliances, look no further than this type of inverter. 

Maintains voltage at a safe level:

In a modified sine wave inverter, the voltage keeps on fluctuating. But this is not the case with pure sine wave inverters. The voltage fluctuation can harm your devices dangerously, and thus, it is best to shop for a reliable source of a portable power source. In most pure sine wave inverters, the voltage is maintained at around 230V, which is perfect for all kinds of devices, and it also helps to prevent any type of crashes. 

Protection of your devices:

The pure sine wave inverters are the closest type of power system to the grid system of power supply. When you get this type of inverter, you can supply similar energy as provided by your grid system of power supply. This way, your devices will run more smoothly, and it will also keep your devices safe from all kinds of malfunctions and problems. 

The pure sine wave inverter protects the devices from these electrical hazards:

  • Overvoltage protection: The pure sine wave inverters come with over-voltage protection. When the input voltage is higher than the voltage that is rated on the device, the inverter will stop working. There will be an LCD or LED display where the voltage ratings will be displayed clearly. Based on this, the user can take appropriate action. You can see the displays in pure sine wave inverters. 
  • Under-voltage protection: The devices connected to the pure sine wave inverter are protected from the under-voltage. If the voltage that is inputted is less than 85% of the rated voltage, the inverter will stop to function, and the same rating in the real-time will be displayed on the screen. 
  • Overcurrent protection: The key benefit you can reap by purchasing the pure sine wave inverter is that there is an indication of overcurrent on the LCD-display. When the current that is passed to the inverter is higher than the permissible one, the inverter will shut down immediately to keep damages at bay.
  • Over-temperature protection: The load put on the inverter will not get damaged due to high temperature. When there is high temperature sensed by the device in the surroundings where the inverter is housed, it shuts automatically. 

Reduced signal interference:

No one wants to watch or listen to a TV or stereo if they have signal interference. When you use a pure sine wave inverter, you won’t face any problem related to signal interference. As this kind of inverter is known for providing clean energy, which helps in minimizing signal interference, you can easily use this inverter. So make your long ride melodies by charging your laptop or mobile phone with the Pure Sine wave inverter. 

Take care of your computer:

When it comes to taking care of your computers and other digital devices, you don’t need to purchase an additional UPS for your desktop or PC. This is because the pure sine wave inverters will take care of the safety of your computer. You can be sure enough that your computers won’t get crushed if you are using a pure sine wave inverter. 

Right investment

The essential advantage of a pure sine wave inverter is that it acts as an alternative to the modified inventors. It also gives high productivity, reliability, and delivers incredible performance. This inverter would meet all the necessities. It is worth the amount that you invest in it since it supports sensitive and plush electronic appliances. The output of the inverter will supply continuous power without any interruption to the devices connected to it. There are high chances of the modified inverters failing and causing damages to the expensive appliances. It is better to invest in the pure sine wave inverters as it supports all the equipment without any kind of hassle. 

Save time and money

You can save a lot of time and money in getting the faulty appliances repaired by using the pure sine wave inverter. You do not run into any problems. More importantly, it makes your devices function correctly. 

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Disadvantages of Pure Sine Wave Inverter

When it comes to the disadvantages associated with pure sine wave inverters, there are very few to mention. Following are some of the disadvantages:

disadvantages of pure sine wave inverter

High cost:

The biggest and the most significant disadvantage of a pure sine wave inverter is that it is costly. These inverters are costlier as compared to the modified sine wave inverters as they use more sophisticated state of the art technology in the manufacturing process. When it comes to making payment, you always need to pay more for the pure sine wave inverter of the same watt as the modified sine watt inverter. So, before you make your purchase, it is always advisable to know about your budget and affordability. The modified sine wave inverters will work perfectly with appliances that don’t need rectifiers and which can be powered by any regular DC adapter.

So, if you are planning to power any such equipment, it’s better to go for the modified sine wave inverter. But if you want to power any sophisticated equipment and you want to work quickly with equipment like a microwave oven, you should go for the pure sine wave inverter. So, make your choice wisely. Since the only disadvantage of a pure sine wave inverter is the affordability, you need to think properly before you invest.

Shorter Battery Running Time:

The Pure Sine wave inverters use DC power more efficiently as compared to the other form of the inverter. Thus, the battery may not last as long as you expect. The reason for shorter battery running is that the pure Sine wave inverters are made up of complex technologies that are integrated into its circuit. In addition to this, Pure Sinewave inverters also include heavy and inefficient transformers leading to a shorter battery running time.

When these disadvantages are considered, a Modified sine wave inverter can be a better choice for you. But if you can neglect and look beyond the disadvantages related to shorter battery life and higher cost, the Pure sine wave inverter has numerous positive features that you can use to power your devices.


If you are thinking of buying an inverter for your vehicle, it is very important to consider the waveform. The waveform can help you in determining the quality of AC power you can expect from your inverter. If you want your equipment and appliances to run as per the manufacturer’s specification, it is essential to use a pure sine wave inverter for power supply in case of an emergency.

These inverters can be a great companion for you if you are planning for an outdoor trip or if you are planning to stay away from your place of residence. In this digitally connected world, no one can stay away from their digital devices even for a minute. But due to certain challenging situations like power shortage or lack of power, the battery of your digital devices may be discharged. In all these situations, a pure sine wave inverter can be at your rescue. In addition to keeping your devices safe and in a working condition, these inverters can also increase the lifetime of many devices.

In fact, most modern devices can be used only by using the pure sine wave inverters. Some of these devices include medical devices, laser, and motor-driven printers, as well as variable speed motors.

So, if you want a reliable source of energy in case of an emergency or power shortage, it’s better to invest in a good quality pure sine wave inverter. The best part about these inverters is that it gives you the flexibility to use more devices and more appliances in your household. So, what are you waiting for?

We hope these advantages and disadvantages will help you in gaining better knowledge about the pure sine wave inverters, and you will be able to make your choice for inverter wisely.

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