Top 5 Best Power Inverters for Car – Ultimate Guide 2020

Most modern-day cars come up with a USB port at the cabin that can be used to charge your mobile device. But if you are thinking about going for outdoor activities like camping or for a photography session in the woods, you need something more. You need a device that can provide you with enough power to run your laptop battery or coffee maker, isn’t it?

In today’s digitally active world, there are various devices that need much more than a USB port to charge itself. Devices like a laptop, coffee maker, Ipad, camera batteries, and the list goes on. In these difficult circumstances, the power inverter can be handy.

The power inverter functions by converting the DC electric power of your car into AC Power. This AC power received after conversion can be used to charge a number of devices and appliances. Obviously, you can’t charge your refrigerator with the power inverter, but it can certainly make your life smooth when you are in urgent need of electric power. 

Shopping for the best power inverter for your car may seem like a pretty easy task, but trust us, it is not. You need to verify different technical specifications and look into every minute detail to get the best power inverter for your car. There are different factors that need to be considered before you purchase the power inverter for your car. You need to have a proper idea about your needs, the devices you need to charge, and also whether the device that you use needs pure sine waves or not. 

5 Best Power Inverters for car 2020 :

You don’t need to worry, as we have made a comprehensive list of the best power inverters for a car that you can purchase. The list includes only the top rated power inverters that you can easily find online as well as in your nearest auto-product market.

So, get ready to have power-backup always by purchasing any of these best car inverters:

BESTEK 300 Watt Power Inverter

BESTEK 300 Watt Power Inverter

BESTEK is not just another brand making fake promises; it is one of the leading brands in America that provides the best 300-watt power inverter. The inverter comes up with 2 AC outlets as well as 2 USB ports that can be used to power two appliances simultaneously. 

The inverter is developed by using the Voltage Isolation Technology, under which the inverter can easily isolate the high voltage and low voltage. This technology protects your devices from damages and also provides safety protection and easy electricity conversion.  

The BESTEK 300 Watt inverter can be the perfect choice for you if you often plan outdoor activities with your family and friends. The compact design of the inverter is ideal for all kinds of outdoor acts like camping, RV travel, and other exciting activities. The presence of this power inverter will make it easier for you to charge a number of electronic devices like your mobile phones, drones, camera, and even projector. 

The inverter also comes up with top speed charging that will enable you to get faster charging for all your appliances and devices. The 24-inch cigarette lighter plug is made up of premium-quality material, and thus, it lets your power inverter to get connected to any device that you want to charge. 

If you want to have your Christmas or New Year party at an outdoor location, the power inverter can easily help you. It can be used to power your LED lights, and you can have a beautiful atmosphere out there. The best part about this inverter is that the lighter socket is resistant up to 5000 times insertion and extraction. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the lighter socket. 

All you need to charge your devices is to plug-in the buckle design with a stable current and built-in sub port. This power inverter by BESTEK can be the best buy for you if you want it as a backup for your road trip essentials. This model of BESTEK power inverter is not too expensive. Thus, if you are looking for the best quality product at an affordable price, this can be the perfect inverter to buy. Other than being affordable, the inverter also has a cooling fan that functions constantly. The cooling fan can make you’re surrounding a bit noisy, but it will stop the inverter from getting overheated.  

So, in conclusion, if you are ready to face the noisy sound of a cooling fan, the BESTEK 300 watts Power Inverter can be an excellent car companion for you. No matter if you want to charge your laptop on your way to your office, or you want to charge two cell phones simultaneously, this is the perfect product for you. For all people living in urban areas who look forward to some outdoor activity on weekends, the BESTEK 300 Watts power inverter will help them keep them connected to the world with their gadgets fully charged all the time. 


  • The best product to buy, if you want to get a portable power
  • Isolation Voltage Protection for maximum safety
  • Intelligent recognition feature provides perfect protection to your devices
  • The devices charge at a fast pace
  • Double buckle design helps you to get stable current
  • 92% electricity conversion is possible with this inverter
  • Perfect for outdoor activities
  • Works with most appliances and devices in the market


  • The customer services of the company don’t respond well to customer needs in case of queries

BESTEK 500 Watt Power Inverter

BESTEK 500 Watt Power Inverter

No matter if you are at your home or you are on an outdoor trip, you can always trust BESTEK for the power inverter it provides. The BESTEK 500-watt power inverter is the best choice for all those adventure junkies who are always on the road. So, let the adventure unravel and keep your devices fully charged with a world-class power inverter by BESTEK. The 500-watt power inverter is another fantastic and premium-quality product offered by BESTEK. It is a great device to have in your car if you want to charge appliances that need 500 watts of power or less. 

This is a 500 watt DC to AC power converter that comes up with a dual charging port. The charging port works with all major brands of laptops, camcorders, cameras, and all other digital devices you have. The outer shell of the power inverter is made up of Aluminum alloy. The outer shell of the inverter can stand up to all kinds of weather conditions even when you are outdoors.  The outer cover is durable enough to protect the inner components of the inverter. 

The inverter comes up with multi-protection features that include overvoltage and under-voltage protection. The protection feature also provides protection against short circuits, over-temperature, and all major protection that your devices may need. Thus, using the power inverter by BESTEK is 100% safe for all appliances that you may want to charge. 

Since the charging port comes up with 2 USB, it will deliver a quick charging result for your devices. Thus, you no longer have to wait for your laptop to get charged to listen to your favorite song when you are on a road trip. 

There are two ways of connecting the power inverter. The one method includes connecting with battery clamps. Under this, a 2-meter long power wire will let you connect the power inverter to your car’s battery easily. Under the second method,  you will be provided with a standard B-type cigarette lighter plug that will enable you to connect the power inverter to the cigarette lighter easily. 

The BESTEK 500 Watt power inverter can be a perfect travel companion for you as it will enable you to charge your cell phones, laptops, camera battery, and whatnot. So, no matter if you are going for a business trip or a solo trip to hills, let the BESTEK 500 watt power inverter be your companion. 

The best feature we loved about this version of BESTEK inverters is that the inverter comes up with a cooling fan. The cooling fan is properly built-inside the inverter. Using the inverter for a longer duration can lead to overheating, and in this case, the cooling fan will do its job of cooling the inverter. Thus, the in-built fan of the inverter will also help in keeping the inverter in working condition for a longer time period. Although the fan makes a bit of noise, and thus you need to shut it off when you are sleeping, you can even change the speed of the fan as per your convenience. 

Since this power inverter by BESTEK is at number two position in our countdown list of best inverters, you will get the best features in this device. So don’t keep thinking and get this inverter before your device runs out of power.


  • High-speed charging with 2 USB charging port
  • Replaceable fuses to protect your devices from issues like overheating and overload damages.
  • ELT certified power inverter
  • Compact design
  • Comes up with Isolation Voltage Protection


  • The red light on the inverter makes too much noise
  • The cooling fan makes a bit noise

MAX BOOST 300 Watt Power Inverter

MAX BOOST 300 Watt Power Inverter

Don’t look anywhere else. Your ultimate travel companion is right in front of you. The Maxboost Power Inverter comes up with a 300-watt power capability to give you the perfect inverter for all purposes. The power inverter by Maxboost is very powerful, sturdy, and it has the capability of charging all kinds of devices. The inverter comes up with 2 USB 2.4A charging ports and also 2AC outlets. The 2AC outlet facility of the inverter will enable you to charge two appliances at the same time. 

The USB ports also come with a built-in smart chip that can help you find the attached device easily. The port will provide you with 2.4A output power. The USB port is perfect for all kinds of charging. Even the latest design of vehicles can use this power inverter to get maximum efficiency. The power inverter is ever ready for travel, and you can always trust this device when you are planning a long road drive, or you are thinking of traveling for a longer duration.

The Maxboost power inverter is ultra-portable, and the travel design of the inverter is excellent for multi-purpose usage. Since the inverter is compact in size, it is an ideal power inverter, if you are going for a short trip or an outdoor stay. Thus, if you don’t want to stay away from your digital devices, it’s time to get this inverter for your car.

The Maxboost power inverter is one of the safest inverters you can ever get. The safe charging design and feature of the charger will keep your device safe and sound. Thus, when it comes to the protection of your device, you don’t have to worry at all. The charging system also provides you with protection against overheating, under-voltage, and overvoltage charging, as well as short-circuiting.

The safe outer cover of the inverter is durable and sturdy enough to provide maximum protection. The inverter is housed inside a metal cover that provides you with additional protection against drops and bumps. The cooling fan of the inverter will help you prevent all kinds of overheating, thus providing longevity to the inverter. 

The best part about the Maxboost power inverter is that it also comes with a 1-year limited warranty. Thus, you are in a win-win situation if you buy this power inverter by Maxboost. The cool and compact design of the inverter makes it one of the best handy devices that are bursting with useful features. So, don’t look for anything else; if you love the design, performance, and the features of the inverter, just go for it. If you are worried about the price tag of this power inverter, don’t worry, it is worth the money spent. The price of the inverter is pretty affordable, and you won’t regret it even if you buy this inverter by Maxboost.

So, plan to buy this adorable little power inverter by Maxboost to get the best performance and ultimate power backup for all the devices you are carrying with you.  


  • The inverter comes up with the multi-charging capability
  • The aluminum exterior of the inverter provides maximum protection against bumps and drops
  • Cooling fan included in the inverter helps to prevent any issues related to overheating
  • The inverter comes up with Isolated Voltage Protection
  • Compact and portable design


  • Many customers opined that the inverter and the charging port doesn’t work with many devices from different brands.

Krieger 1500 Watts Power Inverter

Krieger 1500 Watts Power Inverter

The makers of Krieger power inverters put a lot of effort and research before they come up with a new product in the market. Thus, the Krieger 1500 watts inverter is one of the best heavy-duty inverters available in the market. The best part about the device is that it is easy to use, it is pretty affordable, and it provides you with the best way to get the AC power you need. The 1500 watt enabled inverter can charge almost any appliances and devices you want. This is a modified Sine wave inverter that can easily convert 12v DC power into 120v AC power.

If you don’t believe us, the product has been tried, tested, and verified by the MATLAB for safety as well as the performance of the inverter. The inverter is also MET approved. You can never go wrong with a brand like Krieger as they are renowned for the quality products they come up with.

With this inverter by Krieger, you won’t have to stay without power even for a second. No matter if you are looking for domestic purposes or for an outdoor emergency situation, the Krieger power inverter will always be your companion as far as the power is concerned. You can use the inverter for any purpose you want. You can use it to charge your phones, home electronics, Television, power tools, or any other electronic devices that come up in your mind.

Just like all other heavy-duty inverters, the Krieger power inverter also comes up with dual AC outlets and dual USB ports to keep your devices charged. Another amazing feature of this inverter is that it has an LCD display that will keep you informed about the output wattage, input voltage, battery levels, and all other warning indicators.

The inverter model is well-built, and it also features a leg that you can use to mount it on your automobile. The inverter also includes 3foot long wire that can be hooked up to your car battery. The digital round display on the inverter will help you to know about the charging status of your device as well as all other safety specifications. All in all, you won’t find many loopholes with this model, and you will get the perfect device as compared to the price you pay. So, without thinking too much, just get this car inverter and let it be your perfect travel companion to keep you connected with your digital devices.

Everything you need to start your outdoor trip and stay is included in the Krieger power inverter. The best part about this inverter is that it also comes up with a 3-year warranty. Thus, buy the Krieger power inverter to never stay without power, no matter if you are indoor or outdoor.


  • The power inverter complies with all safety standards
  • Dual AC outlet and Dual USB port for quick charging
  • LCD display for warning indicators
  • The inverter comes up with a 3-year warranty
  • Thermal cooling fan
  • Extra protection features are included


  • The product faced some problems with the remote control 

BESTEK 150 Watts Car Power Inverter

BESTEK 150 Watts Car Power Inverter

 This car inverter by BESTEK is made for light-duty AC power supply. The inverter will supply you with 150 watts of continuous energy to any appliance or device that is connected to it. The 150-watt power is sufficient enough to provide you with sufficient energy to charge devices like cell phones and Ipads. 

The BESTEK 150 watts car power inverter comes up in a compact size, and it is one of the best products available in the market. The inverter includes a 4.2A dual USB port that will provide your devices with as much power as it needs. Thus, you don’t have to worry about power shortage in your devices if you are connected with a brand like BESTEK. Being a leading brand of America, BESTEK completely stands to its promise. 

The inverter comes up with Isolated Voltage Protection that enables you to save and protect your devices against all forms of low voltage, overheating, and short circuit. The smart recognition technique of the power inverter also uses its intelligence to know about the device you are connecting for charging. The best part about smart recognition is that it will automatically detect the device and deliver power as required by the device. Thus, it provides optimal charging current for the device you have connected.

One of the best parts of this car power inverter is that it is compact and beautifully designed. The inverter weighs just 10 ounces, and it can be easily carried for overnight outdoor stay or camping. Thus, for any kind of outdoor activity, let this power inverter by BESTEK be your ultimate companion. 

Even though the inverter supplies only 150 watts of energy, it is sufficient enough to run more than two devices at the same time. 

The BESTEK 150 watts car power inverter is available in two colors, and you can choose them as per your preference. The inverter has a very smooth and modern appearance. So, you can go for either red or grey color. Let this power inverter be your companion, and you won’t regret this purchase ever. Don’t wait for your device to get discharged on your long trip for the weekend. Just buy this affordable product by BESTEK now and let your devices get charged whenever it needs. 


  • Smart recognition of device connected for charging
  • Ultra-compact and beautiful design
  • Comes up in two colors
  • ETL certified power inverter
  • Housed in aluminum alloy outer cover
  • Fast charging facility
  • Multi-protection


  • As per customer reviews, the inverter is prone to overheating


If you are planning to go camping, long-drive with your partner, or for an outdoor activity far from city life, it’s time to think about something that you definitely need. Yes, you can’t miss taking the power inverter, as you won’t be able to spend a minute with a discharged phone and other gadgets. The power inverters are compactly designed devices that fit perfectly into your car’s electrical system and convert the vehicle’s electricity into a form that can be used to charge other appliances and devices. 

The inverters can be easily hooked to your car battery or to your car power port to supply you with AC power whenever you need it. Although you have a continuous supply of power when you are at your home, going away from home without getting your devices charged can be too challenging. But, if you have the car power inverter, you can charge your devices anytime you want. Trust us; for all those people who often forget to charge their phones and laptops, the power inverters can be a savior.  

Numerous power inverters are available in the market. But, you can’t spend your hard-earned money buying a low-quality inverter for your car. That’s the reason we have compiled this list of the best power inverters for cars. The list has been curated by conducting various research and recommendations and reviews by customers. So, you can easily rely on this guide if you are thinking about buying a power inverter. 

This simple device will help you use your favorite devices and gadgets anywhere you go. With these power inverters, you don’t have to spend your road trip listening to the old stereo. Connect your mobile phone, laptop, or any other device, and make your journey melodious and musical. 

Next time you make a plan to stay outdoors, don’t forget to get your coffee maker as the power inverter can charge even the coffee maker machine. Can you ask for more? Let any of these car power inverters be your perfect companion wherever and whenever you step out of your home. So, next time you go out and your phone battery is draining, there’s no need to get frustrated, you can charge anything you want with these power inverters. Look at the above-mentioned guide and buy any of these car power inverters as per your convenience and requirement.

Don’t forget to let us know which one of these inverters you are going to try. 

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