5 Best Power Inverter for Truck 2020

It becomes tedious for the truck driver to go on a long journey. However, you can make the commute less stressful by adding a few benefits. The things that you can add to the truck to make you feel like home are DVD players, refrigerators, TV sets, microwaves, and Power Inverter for Truck and Semi Truck and Car

These perks will allow the driver to cook their favorite food even in the places where it is tough for them to find many essential stores. It helps them save money from buying the food that is costly in the new places where they are going to unload the goods in the truck. 

You can make the DVD players and refrigerators run uninterruptedly by having the best Power Inverter for Truck. This equipment will make your boring journey exciting and less exhausted. The truck inverter will generate AC-current with the help of the battery. The AC-current is required to power the appliances and devices. 

There are different models of power inverter for trucks available in the market. The options are overwhelming for the truck owners to choose from. Even the experienced drivers find it challenging to find the best power inverter that meets their preferences. 

We have compiled the list of best truck power inverter in this guide. It helps you to buy the one that meets your power needs and budget. The best part of the inverter is that it allows you to keep the appliances that are in the truck running. These truck inverters will keep the short circuit and overload at bay. 

We have listed the review of each product with its pros and cons. These truck inverters will help you lead a happy life on the road.

Best power inverter for truck

  • Wagan Black EL3748 12V 10000 Inverter
  • Wagan Black EL3746 12V 8000 Inverter
  • Tripp Lite Power Industrial Inverter, 2000W 
  • Go Power! GP-5000HD 5000-Watt Heavy Duty inverter
  • Boost 3000 W Continuous 6000 watt power inverter

Wagan Black EL3748 12V 10000 Truck Inverter

If you are looking for a truck inverter that can power your electronic devices and make the trip less stressful and exhausted, then this model inverter is perfect for you to buy. You do not need to break an arm and a leg to get the inverter installed in your truck. It is the best way to keep the distance away from the trip. 

When you get the 10,000 watts inverter for your truck, you can make the appliances and devices to run continuously without any interruption, especially the devices that are power-hungry. It can be used for the surge power of up to 20,000 watts. It is lightweight and easy to set up.

It uses the surface mount technology circuit broads that provide you with high efficiency and reliability. You can find this inverter is equipped with 4 AC outlets and high output AC terminal block. It also has robust mount terminals. The power switch can be operated remotely. 

The best part of this inverter is that it is equipped with safety protection. The inverter will not get prone to any damages and so your devices. It won’t let your devices get damaged when it is overloaded, overheated, or the battery is low. Besides this, it also protects short circuits and reverses polarity. There is a power switch on the front, which you can use to turn ON and OFF the inverter.

Four LED lights act as the warning lights when there is overload or over temperature. There is a cooling fan on the rear side of the inverter. The inverter cased in the aluminum box that reduces the weight by 48%. It is reliable, lightweight, and highly efficient. 

The appliances that are supported by this inverter are microwaves, air conditioners, refrigerators, and other high-end appliances. 


  • Superior quality
  • Lightweight
  • Warning lights to indicate when there is an overload
  • Comes with safety protection
  • Good battery life
  • Operation is noiseless
  • Durable


  • Not 100% Sine wave inverter

Wagan Black EL3746 12V 8000 Inverter

If you want to make your life easy when on the truck, it is better to buy this truck inverter. It allows you to connect all your appliances to the inverter and make them run continuously. You can also connect the system to the plugin and upload the documents that you have to send to the client. It boosts the performance. 

It is the best and effective inverter that is chosen by the off-grid users. This truck inverter will supply 8000 watts of power to light up the electronic devices or appliances that you have in the truck. This amount of power is enough to run the household appliances. You can also use this inverter to set up in the truck and connect the appliances to the inverter to supply power to those appliances. 

The inverter has 4 AC power receptacles along with the ON/OFF switch, which you can also control remotely. It has safety features to protect the inverter and appliances from short circuits, heavy load, and low battery. There is a cooling fan to vent out the heat that is produced in the inverter. 

With the help of the four outlets, you can easily connect four different devices to the inverter and make it run uninterruptedly. The compact and solid construction of the inverter makes it easy for you to keep this in the tight RV spaces. It is best to use for 12v DC to 120v AC.

The LED light indicates when there is an issue, i.e., when there is overheat or overload. The high-speed cooling fan will prevent the inverter from getting overheated. It is highly durable. This smart inverter will offer a low harmonic distortion that helps you gain high efficiency and use it for varied purposes. 

It is lightweight and easy to carry from one place to another. The Surface mount technology circuit board will deliver high efficiency and reliability. It is proven to the best of all, inverters. You can use this to connect high-end electronic devices such as DVD players and video game console. 

Though you have to spend some money, it delivers you with excellent performance. It is best to be used by truck drivers who have a decent budget.


  • Remote switch to control the ON/OFF of the inverter device
  • 4 AC outlets to connect different appliances simultaneously
  • High output terminals
  • Compact and occupies less space in the truck
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable to connect microwaves, air conditioners, and refrigerators
  • Components are reliable


  • There is no USB port

Tripp Lite Power Industrial Inverter, 2000W 

If you want to buy a truck inverter that can be used for heavy-duty applications, then this model inverter is perfect for your truck or fleet vehicles. It can withstand and work in extreme conditions. You can set up the inverter on the bed of the truck and even in the right spaces. 

Due to its lightweight, you can easily carry the inverter without facing any kind of issue. The device is easy to set up even by the beginners with ease and without any hassle. It is a healthy mix of power, efficiency, and price. Many positive reviews are given by the customers who are using this inverter.

The inverter can be used to power the office equipment on the move, and you can also run the appliances uninterrupted on the go or at your workplace. It supplies 2000 watts of 120v AC power. It has two AC outlets to which you can connect the devices which you want to run with the help of 12 v battery or the DC source. 

The frequency control that is used will lock the frequency at 60 HZ to operate the loads with any fluctuations. There are high current DC input terminals that allow you to install the inverter with ease. 

The transformer kind of design is specialized to power the motors and other loads, which would need a high current to start. The RJ45 port will enable you to power the inverter remotely. 

When there is a heavy load put on the inverter, it automatically shuts down. You can disconnect the appliances that are putting a heavy load on the inverter. There is a potentiometer that is in front of the inverter. It allows you to ON and OFF the power to the devices connected to the inverter. 

The ignition switch control jack will directly connect the inverter to the ignition system of the fleet vehicle or truck or RVs or emergency vehicles to have complete control over the inverter. 

The relay jack connected to the ON or OFF of the indicator allows you to visualize the status of the inventor operation. 

If there is a heavy current that is passed due to the failure of the inverter, you can install a fuse in line with the battery. 

The truck inverter can handle heavy loads connected to it. The two outlets are housed in the polycarbonate casing that is resistant to moisture. The fuse gives ample protection to the inverter when there is overload put on it. People who are tired of carrying gas cans that are heavy to power the appliances or devices can use this inverter. It is the best alternative to the portable generator. The best part of this inventor is that it can power the devices or appliances that you use at both the home and workplace, such as pumps, lightings, computers, and other tools. It helps you to enjoy life on the move. 

The inverter is perfect to be installed in the RVs, commercial and fleet vehicles, construction sites, emergency vehicles, remote work areas, and other places where you would need AC power source and where the power facility is not available. 

The inverter converts DC power to AC power that is used to run the household appliances and devices. You can use this power to add soul to the appliances. The best part of the inventor is that you do not need any fuel like the portable generator to use it. It is free of noise and unwanted gases. 

With the 2000 watt capacity, it can handle the loads such as drills, pumps, and saws without any hassle. 

You can connect this device to enjoy safe and stable AC power to connect to the equipment and make them perform optimally. There is a frequency control feature that will ensure that the devices which can operate at a certain frequency are set to it, such as DVDs and computers.

There is no manual supervision required to protect your investment since when there is a heavy load put on the inverter, it automatically turns off. The red color LED light that is present on the inventor would warn when there is an overload. 

There is an extra amount of power that is required for the devices to start up, especially the appliances and printers. The refrigerators and pumps would have power demand, which keeps on fluctuating. The inverter can help you meet the power demands with ease. 


  • Superior quality
  • Highly durable
  • User-friendly 
  • Easy to set up
  • Does not produce noise or fumes
  • Suitable to set up in the fleet vehicles and trucks


  • Pricey

Go Power! GP-5000HD 3000-Watt Heavy Duty inverter

Go Power! GP-5000HD 5000-Watt Heavy Duty inverter

It is the best-in-class truck inverter that is known for its durability and efficiency. The pure sine wave of the inverter will promote the good health of the appliances connected to the inverter. 

It is highly robust, lightweight, and the quality of the build is top-notch. It supplies 3000 watts of power continuously. The GP-DC-KIT5 would let you hook it up to the battery easily. The inverter is equipped with four AC outlets to which you can connect four appliances or devices simultaneously. There is an alarm that is produced when the battery is low, and it shuts down automatically. 

There is also a safety protection feature available for the inverter. When there is any overvoltage, under-voltage, or overload, a warning light would be indicated. It is perfect to set up in the trucks to make your trip less hassle. 

You can have access to the refrigerator, TV, and air conditioner by connected these appliances to this inverter. It is easy and hassle-free to install. More importantly, the beginner who has little knowledge of the installation of the inventor can also set up this with ease. 

The inverter will continuously supply the 2000 watt power without any kind of fluctuations or power legs. 


  • Heavy duty
  • Highly durable
  • Four AC outlets to connect four devices to the inverter and run at the same time
  • Easy to hook up the battery
  • Protection system will protect the inverter from getting damaged due to over or under voltage


  • There is no digital display where you can monitor the operations of the inverter
  • There is no USB port

Boost 3000 W Continuous 6000 watt power inverter

If you are looking for a powerful truck inverter for your truck that lasts longer and is dependable, then this model inverter is the perfect one for you to buy. It supplies 3000 watts of power to power up the appliances on the move. 

You can connect various devices such as refrigerator, air conditioner, TV, computer, and other equipment that you want to use n the truck when you are on a trip. 

There is a power switch on the inverter that allows you to ON/OFF. There is also a remote control option available to control the power of the inverter. It comes with various safety features. It protects the inverter from low battery and overload. It also gives thermal protection. There is a digital display where you can read the output on the inverter. You can connect the devices to the inverter with the help of a hard wire. 

The inverter is lightweight that it is easy for you to carry anywhere. You can operate all the appliances. The installation of this inverter is pretty easy in the truck. You can stray this to the seat belt or set up in the tight spaces, and you are ready to go. 

The 3000 w continuous 6000 watt is highly efficient and makes your appliances perform better. The best thing is that you also can connect sensitive appliances. 


  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Come with safety features
  • Cost-effective 
  • Suitable to connect to computers and other appliances


  • Poor functioning of the fan

What to look while buying the Best power inverter for trucks?

It is a challenging task for the truck drivers to find the best power inverter to set up in their trucks with an overwhelming number of options. It is even more complicated for the truck drivers who have just started in this field. 

When you want to buy a power inverter, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind, such as the size of the inverter, the power that is required for you to operate the appliances you want in the truck, and the budget.

We have compiled the factors you need to look when buying the best power inverter for your truck that last longer and fulfill your needs

Inverter size

Many people are living in a misconception that the bigger inverters are better and can supply power to many appliances at a time. However, this is not right. The power and capability of the inverter do not depend on the size of the inverter. 

You must choose the inverter size that fits your needs and budget. If there is a space in the truck, you can measure the space and buy the inverter that fits in it best without standing as an obstacle. 

Sine or modified wave

The inverter for trucks is available in two different forms. These include – modified waves, and the other is the sine wave. Each of these technologies has its own importance. If you want to operate the drilling machine, you would need to have sine wave technology. It is the same kind of technology that is used in homes and will deliver the power to the appliances connected to the inverter without any interruptions and fluctuations.

Installation process

There are various ways to install power inverters. However, not all the inverters that are available in the market are not within the budget of every individual. If you are not familiar with the setting up process of an inverter, you can seek the help of an electrician who sets up the inverter in the truck safely.

It is not possible for the truck drivers who are always busy in their work find it tough to visit the electrician or mechanic shop to get the inverter installed. 

High capacity

The electronic appliances that you want to connect to the inverter will decide the capacity you want to buy. If you are planning to connect the refrigerator, TV, air conditioner, drilling machine, and other equipment, you would need to buy the inverter that has the capacity ranging from 2000 watts to 4000 watts.

However, the best part of these inverters is that it can handle the power fluctuations well. If you do not want to connect the appliances to the inverter, then you must buy the inverter ranging from 1000 to 1500 watts, for charging the laptops or keeping your drinks cool.

You can buy the inverter that allows you to charge the phone, laptop, and stereo with 100 watts. If you want to use TV and DVDs, you can buy the inverter with 300 watts.

If you want to connect more components, you must buy the power inverter with high power. You must use the inverter as per your needs.


These days the power inverters are not just the devices that can supply high voltage. These devices come with a myriad of features and various functionalities. If you want to buy the inverter that can send the notification when there is an overload or battery level is low, then you must buy the one with the LED display.

The majority of the inverters that are available have an LED display, which makes the job of truck drivers easy. However, if you do not want to spend a huge amount of money on the LED display, you can go for the basic model that has limited features. However, the model you want to buy depends on your needs and budget.


The price is the most critical factor to consider when you are buying the power inverter for your truck. There are many manufacturers who are selling power inverters at affordable prices while there are a few who are selling at a high price. Though the price is high, the features are many. You can choose the best product that fits in your budget and provides the best features.

The price depends on a few things, such as sine wave type, power, and capacity. If you want to connect only the electronic devices, you can choose the modified sine wave inverters. It helps you to save big. In case if you want to connect fragile devices, then you must buy pure sine wave inverters.


Connectivity is a critical factor to consider when you are buying the power inverter. You must check the outlets that the inverter has before buying. The inverters with low power will have two power outlets and USB ports, while the high power inverters will have six or more than six outlets.

If you want to connect multiple devices to the inverter, you must buy the inverter that has the outlets which fulfill your needs. You must check the AC outlet voltage before you connect any device to the inverter.


It is the most critical factor that must be considered when you are planning to buy a power inverter for your truck. The inverter would deal with electricity, so the safety feature is very important. It helps you to keep the electrical problems at bay.

Besides this, it also avoids costly electrical appliances from getting damaged. Few of the common problems for which you would need to buy the inverter with safety feature include:


When the power inverters are working continuously, a lot of heat is generated. This heat would cause a lot of trouble. You can avoid overheating of the inverter and thereby appliances; you must buy the inverter that is equipped with the thermal fan. It helps you to cool down the device and avoids it from getting overheated.

Voltage problems

When there is a rise in the voltage, it damages the electrical appliances. There is a consistent voltage required. You must buy the power inverters that are smart and keeps the voltage issues at bay.

Outdoor usage

Power inverters can be used for trucks and outdoors. These are lightweight and are easy to carry anywhere. However, but you are not supposed to use the inverters outdoors.

If you want to use the inverter outdoors, you must buy the one with the outdoor usage certification. When the inverter holds this certification, you are allowed to use the device outdoors. This certification indicates that the inverter is safe to use outdoors. 


It is critical for the truck driver to have an effective inverter. You must buy the product that is up to the market and has all the features you want. We have listed five best power inverters that you can install in the trucks with pros and cons. Of all, the Tripp Lite Power Industrial Inverter, 2000W, is found to be the best option for the truck drivers. It supplies 2000 watts of power and allows the drivers to connect various appliances and run them uninterruptedly. This is the perfect choice for the ones who are looking for the best power inverter for trucks.

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